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MyBirth Diaries follows different women through their pregnancies, during labour, birth and afterwards. The series follows women who plan to have natural, waterbirth, homebirth, hospital births and caesarean sections. These programmes will show graphic images of birth. Keep watching out for new programmes as grows.

Amy's Birth Diary
Amy's Birth DiaryAmy is a single Mum; she plans to have a home waterbirth using the hypnobirthing technique that she has learnt from her Mum hypnobirthing practitioner Kate Mead
Sara's Birth Diary
Sara's Birth Diary Sara and Graham plan to have another homebirth like they did for their first two children, but their plans are shattered when Sara's labour stops and starts over several days
Eli and Dan's Birth Diary
Eli and Dan's Birth DiaryEli and Dan are expecting their third baby. Their first son Toby was born in hospital after a lengthy induction of labour. For their second baby they achieved a homebirth and this time round they want to do the same
Katherine and Bryan's Birth Diary
Katherine and Bryan's Birth Diary Katherine and Bryan plan a home waterbirth for their second baby l, their first baby Beatrix was also born at home. Katherine is now working in her shop BabyBea while Bryan continues to work on road maintenance.
Katherine's Birth Diary
Katherine's Birth Diary Katherine and Bryan are having their first baby together, Katherine plans to have a homebirth and in water. She has concerns about the care she will receive and so opts for an independent midwife Virginia Howes, all is well but the pregnancy lasts a great deal longer than anticipated (26 days past due date) and her midwife will be going on holiday, so a back up midwife Kay will have to attend.
Clare's Birth Diary
Clare's Birth Diary Clare and Tony are expecting their first baby together; initially they had planned a hospital birth, but Clare had heard about independent midwifery and after meeting Virginia Howes an independent midwife they decided to have a homebirth
Aida's Birth Diary
Aida's Birth Diary Aida is going to have a waterbirth at home, with her husband John and their five children in attendance. Aida is an independent midwife and has employed her colleague Andrya Prescott to be her midwife.
Sally's Birth Diary
Sally's Birth Diary Sally and her partner Sam are having another baby; their first son Luc was born by caesarean section and this time Sally wants to have a vaginal birth after caesarean, (VBAC). Sally also plans to have her baby at home supported by her independent midwife and family.
Victoria Young' s Birth Diary
Victoria Young' s Birth DiaryVictoria and Mac are expecting their second baby. They plan to have another homebirth like they did with Theo, but they are worried that the nationwide shortage of midwives might affect their plans
Michelle's Birth Diary
Michelle's Birth Diary Michelle and Mark are expecting their second baby. When she was pregnant with her first baby Kai Michelle planned a homebirth, but after several hours of pushing Michelle transferred into hospital. This time she is determined to have a homebirth.
Emma's Birth Diary
Emma's Birth Diary Emma is expecting her sixth baby; her first two births were complicated by caesarean sections, she had a further two babies in hospital born naturally (VBAC) and then had her fifth baby at home. This time she plans another homebirth supported by her Doula and husband Mark. Emma has been using Natal Hypnotherapy CD's to help her through labour.
Nancy's Birth Diary
Nancy's Birth Diary Nancy and Tecwyn are expecting their second baby. They had planned a homebirth for their first baby Rudy but when Nancy had a heavy bleed at the beginning of labour she had to go to hospital and ended up having a traumatic birth. This time she wants a calm waterbirth at home and to ensure success she has used the Hypnobirthing technique.
Debra's birth diary
Debra's birth diary Debra and Iain are expecting their fourth baby. Debra has had three previous homebirths both here in the UK and abroad. She plans on another homebirth but has been made aware that there are staffing problems within the NHS.
Bel's Birth Diary
Bel's Birth DiaryBel is expecting her second baby; her first, Lena was born in hospital and the experience was not a positive one. This time she plans to have a home waterbirth but she is not supported in her choice when she finds out that she has developed gestational diabetes and the obstetrician and midwives want her to have another hospital birth. Bel researches her situation and fights for the homebirth that she so longs for.
Ruth's Birth Diary
Ruth's Birth DiaryRuth is a single Mum living with her sisters and mother in Brighton, she is planning on a waterbirth at home supported by her mother who is a Doula.The father of Ruth's baby has Sickle Cell Anaemia and Ruth is concerned that her baby may have inherited the gene

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